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For the past 18 years I have been working as an Interior Designer throughout the world, in countries ranging from  from Russia to  Europe and South Africa.  

Over time my choices of design, style and tastes have evolved, adapted and been influenced by the countries I lived and worked in.  I adapt choices and styles in line with the tastes of my clients whilst always bringing in some added colour, vibrance and a touch of ethnic vibrance from around the world.   I am influenced by  local cultures wherever I happen to be and enjoy discovering the design trends of the countries I have lived in.  During my many years living in Russia, I discovered and grew to love the strong influence form Central Asia where the now more known Suzani and Ikat designs originated from.  I have incorporated these into many  interiors. In Russia,  there are also trends coming from Turkey and much of the middle East into which brought a great variety of wonderful Persian rugs and Kilims, which I also find wonderful to use to add colour and texture to any room. 

Follow the following link for a little insight in the changes in Russian taste and style.

Since moving to South Africa I have developed a great love of the wonderful vibrant colours of  the local fabrics ranging from the South African ShweShwe to the West African Wax fabrics. I am also fascinated by the skills of the local artisans.  South Africa is a hub where many African cultures and influences have joined into one melting pot and there are many beautiful artefacts, art and up and coming furniture and fabric designers. 

My time working in France introduced me to the lovely imported Moroccan artisanal copper work and tiles which I have also found great to use and which again add a touch of colour.  France is also a treasure trove of beautiful antique linens and fabrics which can picked up at local markets.  France is also rich in artisans practising traditional building craft such as the use of lime and other natural materials. 

You can read a little about one of the projects I worked on in France in the following link:

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